GraveFX provides creative design ideas and special effects products to enhance Halloween and haunt events.

GraveFX was little more than a dream for many years... a dream to be more than just the scariest house on the block. It's founded on a love of Halloween and all things terrifying. 

Fast forward to 2014, when suddenly the dream became a reality...

The Lehigh Acres Rotary asked for our help with a Halloween haunted walk. The haunted walk is now an annual event in our community called Scream on the Green.  The haunted walk and The Rotary has given GraveFX an opportunity to help the community in a most unusual way, simply by doing what we love!

GraveFX donates our time and products each year to provide a family fun event in the community. Scream on the Green had over 3000 visitors in 6 short evenings, providing the Rotary with enough money to serve over 400 dinners during the Holiday season.

Through trial and error we have discovered that some products work better than others, some products don't work at all and sometimes it's best to make it yourself!